Pop Star Parties at home

Do your children fancy themselves as Popstars? 
Want a fun and original party for them to remember?
Our Popstar parties are hassle free. We bring our mobile studio to you.
Get to sing and record your favourite songs. Make your own unique CD with the help of a proffessional music producer and singing teacher. 
This is a 2 hour session in which you'll get: 
  • Singing training 
  • Rehearsal with a proffessional singer and teacher
  • Fun Photo snaps with inflatable microphones that you'll get to keep as a momento
  • Record 2 songs (3 if you're well rehearsed) with up to 8 friends

All photos and recordings will then be available on a (password enabled) webpage on this site 
Price £225​​

Next steps

Once you've quite rightly decided to book Pop Star Parties at home for your Party this year, then fill in the
                             with the date and time of your Party and we'll be in touch.
Once you've paid the deposit, you'll get a link to our song page where you can choose your 2/3 songs from our extensive list.
We'll then send you a link to your unique 'Party page' where you can see the lyrics and practise to the backing tracks.
Share this with your friends so they can practise too!!! 
At the party, all of your photos and recordings will be uploaded to your Party page so you and your friends can enjoy them afterwards. Every party goer will receive a free CD and inflatable microphone to remember your special day.
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